Grant proposals will be written in English using Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or rich text format (.rtf), use a font size of 10 – 12, and limited to 10 pages (excluding title page, references,  budget and timeline).
Proposals should include the following:    



The first page of the submission should include a brief, descriptive title and the name, credentials,  and contact information of the principal investigator and names, credentials, and level of involvement of co-investigators. This page will be separated from the remainder of the submission to avoid investigator or affiliation influence on the selection panel. The title (or an abbreviated title)  without investigator/affiliation information should be included in the header of subsequent pages. 



A short abstract of no more than 250 words highlighting the objectives, design, and outcome variables. 



A statement of what will be shown, the hypothesis and specific aims to be tested, and the endpoints measured. 


A brief narrative describing the importance of the study and its relevance to the clinical management of osteoarthritis. This should include a review of the available literature and clearly identify the knowledge gap. Preliminary data is not required but is very helpful in assessment of feasibility. 


A description of the methods (selection criteria, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, data collection, data analysis), animals, outcome measures to be utilized, and how the results will be analyzed.  The study should be conducted in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and local  rules of conduct relating to scientific studies, which should be identified in the protocol. 


Provide adequate proof that the investigative team is appropriately equipped and has expertise in the area of study to merit funding and that the project will be approved by local ethical committee. Potential obstacles and plans to overcome them should be identified. 


Number references sequentially as they are cited in the text (or tables and legends), using superscripted Arabic numerals. The following styles should be used for common types of references: 


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Electronic material 4. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Available at: Accessed Feb 18, 2003.